Latrines and plowing

Message from Cait: “We’ll finish the latrines by the end of today (thankfully!) & spend tomorrow getting to our next project village. I attempted to plow earlier but the oxen won!” Update: “The sun has set and we’re still working at the latrine site. We are sharing one small flashlight between the 5 men finishing … More Latrines and plowing

I got my Visa!

My Visa finally came back after a couple weeks of waiting and a few anxious calls to the embassy. There wasn’t anything wrong with my application, just a misplaced return envelope – yay! Some of the trip details are coming together nicely, others I won’t known if they will fall in line until I actually … More I got my Visa!

New Toys

I picked up some new supplies for Uganda.  I still have two months before leaving but I like to prepare early (especially since I know life will get hectic as my departure date nears). I am planning on using Citronella for body and hair wash, Deet for my skin and Permethrin for my mosquito net and outer garments.  All … More New Toys