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My tongue is too big for my mouth

That’s how I feel when I am speaking in front of more than four people.

Here is a video file of me sharing at last week’s Missions night at church.

I only had a couple days notice so I was extra nervous (although I’ve never actually given a speech when I wasn’t nervous even when given more time to prepare). Don’t mind the quivering voice and although you can’t hear the congregation, they did laugh when I hoped they would 🙂


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Photos from past 5 months

Here is a 2 minute photo montage video from the last 5 months worth of projects.

A quick synopsis: Costa Rica (spanish school) El Salvador (spring water source scout) Panama (well drilling, borehole) Haiti (latrine construction, livestock) Ecuador (hygiene, sanitation, water management community training) Ecuador (water purification installation)


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Back in Jersey!

Home from Ecuador!

I am a wee bit behind on updates (yea, I know…I say that often, right?) so here is a quick overview of the past month:

My first project in Ecuador – the MedWater education program – went really well! After we trained the team of Community Health Promoters (CHP), we went to each village represented by a promoter and taught again. It was really awesome to involve the CHP in our teaching program so they could practice teaching the different steps to safe water, basic sanitation and proper hygiene. Some of the CHP became very involved and ended up teaching most of the lessons just from what they learned originally from us. It was really cool to see the student become the teacher so quickly!


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Glitter Galore!

20140423-170658.jpgWe completed our first training session for the Community Health Promoters today. We trained and equipped volunteers representing communities that are part of the Timmy Global Health program so they could, in turn, teach Basic Sanitation, Hygiene & Safe Water Management in their communities. Tomorrow, our team heads into the jungle to teach this program to five different communities (over the next five days). We will be focusing on the members of the water council for each community, but anticipate extra participants to show up to learn as well. It will be up to the local water councils and health promoters to educate the members of the communities (via schools, small groups, individual families, etc). I am learning a lot from Chana and Deborah on this trip. Both of these awesome ladies have experience in (and passion for) safe water and hygiene education programs. “Safe water is good medicine” (MedWater‘s motto) and the way to keep it safe is to be taught basic sanitation and hygiene. Such as, how to properly wash your hands (check out “Tippy Taps”), avoid making standing pools of water, use a latrine or bury the poo, cover food, contain animals in pens, trap flies and keep water containers clean. The class was very interactive and one of the fun lessons we taught was about microbes. Microbes themselves aren’t fun at all, BUT we each put glitter on our hands and then greeted all of the participants. We were able to use the glitter as a visual example on how germs are spread from person to person and how easy it is to have the microbes (glitter) end up on your face and in your mouth. I got my microbes everywhere- even in my teeth. I will probably still have glitter in my hair next week when I return to the States! Continue reading

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Ecuador with MedWater

20140421-131509.jpgHere I go again, updating you all while sitting in the airport awaiting my flight. I feel like I am always rushing right before a project, so the easiest place to update you all is while I am waiting for my flight 🙂

This time I am going to Ecuador with MedWater. Our focus as a team will be on hygiene education. My focus as an individual will be checking sites for water purification system installations. MedWater has partnered with the Timmy Global Health to provide water purification systems in areas where Timmy is already established in Ecuador. My friends, Chana & Darrell, started MedWater a couple years ago with the vision of collaborating with organizations serving health needs in developing countries and providing them with the ability to purify the existing contaminated water. We are not actually installing the system on this trip (we are returning in mid-May for the install). This trip focus is on hygiene education. Purified water won’t do much good if it is collected in dirty buckets or if the family doesn’t wash their hands or use a sanitary place to go to the bathroom. Education is an important first step to helping the community become healthier as a whole.


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