Two Christians

Once in the Shaartuz area, we met with an elderly couple who were very excited to be involved in the project to bring wells to their village.  This particular couple are friends of our national host, who will be running the Shaartuz well drilling project.  Our national host, the elderly couple and a handful of … More Two Christians

Tajik Rest Stop

After we finished construction of the pump, we headed to the little village outside of Shaartuz to check out the possible locations for the 12 wells that our Host is going to construct. We traveled along rolling hills but the closer we got to Afghanistan, the more dry and arid the terrain became.  We stopped … More Tajik Rest Stop

Testing Lift Pump

We were all really happy with the final product and it finally gave the Host a visual to what I had taught them about in Pumps 101.  It was really cool when they said “oh, now I get it!” after they saw the pump operating.  I was really excited to finish the pump.  It was … More Testing Lift Pump

Lift Pump

One of the tasks I was really insecure about was constructing a pump.  Hydromissions constructs a bailer bucket but not always a pump since they are much more difficult to produce with the limited materials typically available in villages.  I was sort of hoping we would not have to construct a pump since I wasn’t … More Lift Pump