Knocked down but not out

Message from Cait:

“Sick all day on Friday. Getting sick to my stomach, couldn’t keep anything down and couldn’t sleep. They wound up taking me to the nearest “doctor” who gave me three little white envelopes. One had an “antibacterial” in it ( which I think means antibiotic) and the other two… I’m not so sure. In the end I took the medication and I was able to sleep through the night and kept food down. I started slow with biscuits (or small cookies) and juice. Unfortunately, when I woke up in the morning, I learned that Washington, our Ugandan trainee, contracted malaria and was taken to the clinic. Luckily, since malaria is so common in the area, Washington recognized the symptoms and was treated quickly so he is expected to have a quick recovery. Once he stable, we will send him back to his village to finish recovering. I do not have the symptoms of malaria so I will continue to take my antibacterial meds.”

“Despite all this, the project continues to progress. We are continuing work on the latrines (6 bathrooms and two wash rooms) and the men are working quickly so hopefully we can be done by late next week.”

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