It’s been tough to get a strong enough cell signal to update recently, so here is a continuation from the last post about Uganda (Down Goes the Pipe). After leaving the Rosser family with my new awesome rock breaking tool that they welded from the leafspring, I spent 11 hours on buses and got to … More Bulldozer

Message from the president! …oh wait, nope, just Cait

Hello everyone! I’m online! I have been loaned a computer and modem and have a little time on it to update you all briefly. First of all, thanks for all of your prayers. I am currently in Kampala resting and recovering. I arrived in a simple guesthouse this morning and plan on returning to the site … More Message from the president! …oh wait, nope, just Cait

Lessons learned

Message from Caitlin: Cyrus does have Malaria.  He just returned from the site and we started him on medication.  He should recover soon.  Washington has recovered successfully because his malaria was treated early. We are really blessed that we were able to conduct this latrine construction differently based on what we learned from issues in … More Lessons learned