Latrines and plowing

Message from Cait: “We’ll finish the latrines by the end of today (thankfully!) & spend tomorrow getting to our next project village. I attempted to plow earlier but the oxen won!”

Update: “The sun has set and we’re still working at the latrine site. We are sharing one small flashlight between the 5 men finishing the 6 stalls. Great to have my 6’7″ bodyguard for the mile walk back to our huts.”

One thought on “Latrines and plowing

  1. Once again, job well done Cait! Freaking hot here, almost like we were in Africa ourselves. Guess you heard VIneland got hit with quite a storm last week and DC area over the week end. Philadelphia survived. We need rain. Our channel at the Boathouse is suffering. Enjoy but come back soon … oh, did I tell you my scans/blood work were all fine! 2 years in September. And we are buying a row house in Manayunk!

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