The wheels on my car go round and round

Managing projects, training new well drillers, guest speaking and seeing friends tie the knot. This busy summer has flown by so fast that I don’t even feel unpacked from Haiti as I pack for Panama. … More The wheels on my car go round and round



It’s been tough to get a strong enough cell signal to update recently, so here is a continuation from the last post about Uganda (Down Goes the Pipe). After leaving the Rosser family with my new awesome rock breaking tool that they welded from the leafspring, I spent 11 hours on buses and got to … More Bulldozer

Plan “B”

Remember how we were slowly chipping away at the rocks in Butenga? Our daily routine looked like this: Drill, get stuck on a rock, hand-dig out the rocks, shovel them into a bucket to be dumped outside of the pit. Find softer soil, drop the drill into the pit (thinking that perhaps we had passed … More Plan “B”


My original flight would have brought me home very late tonight, but I was able to hop on an earlier flight once I got back to Kampala. P.S. My first breakfast in the States: brownies in chocolate ice cream! Such a healthy start! Arua to Kampala was an 8 hour bus ride. I was excited … More Home!