Collapsed Borehole and a Sick Day

Message from Caitlin:

“The borehole for the new well at the orphanage reached a dept of 65 ft then collapsed. It took the strength of 7 men but thankfully we were able to pull the drill and 60 feet of extenders out of the collapsed borehole. We decided to refocus our efforts to the old well that was only producing a trickle of water. Hopefully we can repair the well so that it once again can supply enough water for the kids.”

“Today was the first time I took a “sick day” with Hydromissions. I was up most of last night with chills, fever, headache, etc. so I knew I wouldn’t have the strength to make the 2 mile walk from the house to my project site. My teammates took over and with a “to-do” list from me, they have been keeping the project going.”

Update: “The team was able to fix the well and now the kids have enough drinking water! We were also able install rain catching devices to store water for washing and cleaning!”

From Melissa – Please keep Cait in your thoughts and prayers that she may fight off her illness and gain her strength back quickly. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Collapsed Borehole and a Sick Day

  1. Cait…great work. EDGE is keeping up with all your efforts and thinking of you daily. Feel better. We’ll be praying for you my friend.

  2. Cait, Why are you walking to the drill site at the orphanage? Is Isaac no longer providing transportation? I made it back without too much of a hitch and was sorry to hear of the illness spreading among the team..
    It was great working with you on this trip!

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