I have to learn how to walk on the left side of the road!

So, Uganda is one of the countries where everyone drives on the left side of the road. Besides almost getting hit by just about every moving vehicle during my time here, I also found that walking on the left side is odd for me to process. Not in a general sense – people weave all around while walking but, specifically, when I am heading straight toward someone, my tendency is still to jump out of the way to the right side as opposed to the left. While in Soroti, I was jogging with Jennifer and Ronnie one morning when a bike came up and I hopped off the muddy path to the right side, the same side the bike picked. After an embarrassing collision, I decided I need to learn how to walk in Uganda before I ever attempt driving here! Baby steps ; )

This is how my antibiotics were given to me – in small homemade (from scrap paper) envelopes
This huge vulture thing knew I was mocking it when I shot this photo so he followed me for quite some time…or perhaps he didn’t think I’d make my long walk and was just waiting for a “snack”
Girls start carrying water at a very young age
Watering holes. Everything is done here – bathing, washing clothes, washing bodas and trucks, collecting water for drinking and cooking…

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