I got my Visa!


My Visa finally came back after a couple weeks of waiting and a few anxious calls to the embassy. There wasn’t anything wrong with my application, just a misplaced return envelope – yay!

Some of the trip details are coming together nicely, others I won’t known if they will fall in line until I actually get there – like whether the man I hope to train from Uganda will be able to meet me in Entebbe before I depart for the villages.

As of right now, Cyrus (fellow associate from Kenya) and I will have one American trainee for the first two weeks, along with a possible Ugandan trainee. For the second project village, the American trainee will depart and we will hopefully have the Ugandan trainee and another trainee from Ethiopia. Coordinating teammates from four different countries has been a wee bit difficult but I think it is all coming together…or will be soon : )

Have an awesome day everyone!

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