Caitlin is being traded for cows….again

Hey!  It’s Melissa again.  Got a bunch of updates from Cait and of course, there is never a dull moment with her!

So, how many cows IS Cait worth?  While that is the title of this blog, the question has never been answered.  After a quick phone call I had with Cait this morning, I might be a little closer to an answer:
“My American trainee, David, was (jokingly) trying to marry me off to our host’s son for 150 cows.  I kept saying ‘He can’t do that.  He’s not my father!’  Some villagers took my side, and some took David’s.  It was a funny conversation and it was nice to be able to joke around with the villagers and talk about culture.”  Cait, you’re worth at least 1,000 cows in my book!

On the project front:
“Please pray for my understanding and good judgement regarding the difficult portions of the latrine project. We’ve had to deal with lots of negotiations, but our Ugandan trainee, Washington, has really stepped up and helped manage the workers well.  He has been very valuable to our project.  We hope to finish the latrines by Saturday and set off for Iganga on Sunday morning”.

Living in Uganda:
“We walked 8k for church in town. Service was awesome – love worship in African villages! Had a slightly unpleasant encounter with a mentally unstable man, but Washington, who is 6’7″, stepped in.  I got behind him and all was well. I wasn’t in danger, it was just awkward.
Back in my hut, I fell asleep during a heavy rainfall, only to be woken by an ox trying to take shelter in my hut! Ha, these projects always have surprises!”

2 thoughts on “Caitlin is being traded for cows….again

  1. How Many Cows?? With a little research I found out that 1 cow in Uganda is $500, so 150 cows have a worth of $75,000. Even Melissa is selling you short with 1,000 cows for 1/2 mil. If we all agree you are 1 in a million then the answer is 2,000 cows!

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