El es Fred.

Wahoo! I am at the half-way point for this 7-week intensive program!
Yesterday, we learned “Perifasis” – basically, we started putting sentences together with the verbs, nouns and adjectives we have been studying so far. I put together my first story in class today. It starts out with “He is Fred” (now the title of this post makes sense, right?). It is simple. I even used the names “Jake & Jill” in the story, but no worries – they didn’t go up a hill. I wouldn’t plagiarize like that. My story of Fred’s fiesta was equivalent to what a child would write in elementary school and, because of that, I am going to bring it home and put it on my dad’s refrigerator! Maybe he will give me a gold star?!
Since photos of studying are pretty dull, I’m showing you a photo of Doki – who appears to have been put to sleep listening to me repeat my vocabulary.20140206-180938.jpg

On Saturday, a small group from the school went to downtown San Jose (about a 15 minute bus ride). We spent the morning exploring an artisans market, large park and a free art museum. We experienced tons of traffic (vehicular and pedestrian) because the following day (Sunday) was the presidential election. Cars beeped their horns, people waved their flags, chants and cheers rang out along the main roads as the different party supporters showed their excitement and favor for the candidates. Below are two short video clips for the two main candidates supporters. Araya (green & white) and Solis (yellow & red).

There were other candidates, but these two are the only ones who have moved into the second voting round. None of the candidates received enough votes to claim victory so they took the two highest (Araya & Solis) and will have another vote in April to declare the new president.

Kathy and I were the only two students to go to one of the free museums while we were in downtown San Jose – I had fun adding a bit of myself to the art on display (as you can see below).20140206-193936.jpg20140206-194010.jpg

(I had quite a bit more written here about my upcoming projects to Panama and Haiti but my internet went out and I lost all the text. I have to get back to studying so I will have to share that information later)

Adios 🙂

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