Hitchhiker’s Guide to Uganda

Message from Cait:

“Soroti is surely missed although I am happy to be able to spend a couple days with my friends, David & Emma, here in Arua. Getting to Arua was quite the 8.5 hour adventure – Dennis and I sort of hitchhiked the route for the most part but I can explain that later when I get home.  I haven’t made any water connections yet but I have been told that this particular area has quite a lot of boreholes and is rather rocky so it probably won’t work for Hydromissions anyway. One cool thing I will note is that when I arrived at the base to meet David and Emma, I was introduced to quite a few deaf students.  I haven’t signed for years and most of the words are different here in Uganda but there are enough similiararities that I was able to share my name with the students.  At the same time I was greeting them, the man in charge of the deaf outreach came over and asked if I wanted to participate in their outreach on Saturday.  I am super excited because it involves sports as well so I am borrowing a book showing the sign language used here in Uganda and studying it so I can communicate tomorrow. “

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