Message from the president! …oh wait, nope, just Cait

Hello everyone!

I’m online! I have been loaned a computer and modem and have a little time on it to update you all briefly.

First of all, thanks for all of your prayers. I am currently in Kampala resting and recovering. I arrived in a simple guesthouse this morning and plan on returning to the site in Iganga in a couple days (it took a lot for me to leave – this is the first time I have been seriously sick on a Hydromissions trip but I left the project in good hands!). The project is going very well and will hopefully be complete by Friday or Saturday. I am really glad that we faced all the construction issues we did during the first project (in Bukedea) because we were able to make adjustments up front for this latrine project and eliminate some problems. As for the water side of things, the repaired pump is functioning well. In addition to the existing borehole, the rain catchment system will provide water during the rainy seasons. I will certainly have a lot more to share when I return to the States-  I think you will all enjoy the photos of the oxen pulling me along as I attemped to plow in Bukedea!

Special thanks to Melissa and my dad for piecing together truncated text messages from me along with short phone calls to keep everyone updated on the Hydromissions projects.

Have a snazzy day!

2 thoughts on “Message from the president! …oh wait, nope, just Cait

  1. Cait, you are doing great work. Hope you feel better soon and get back to work! We all at Shaw are proud of you and your work. Since my wife was born in Kampala, I am yaking special interest in your work there. With all the best wishes and prayer s for you, keep it up!

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