Bahamas, hiking and jumping back on a plane

Checking the water tank at the Field Hospital on Grand Bahama Island

I never wrote a blog about my first experience as a WaSH Engineer for Disaster Response in Barbuda back in 2017/2018. It was a difficult trip and I had a lot going on (Haiti Project) as soon as I got home, so I never took the time to go back and write any of my experiences. I fell into a similar pattern when I got back from the Bahamas, sort of. This time around, I knew I would be wiped out, so I took an opportunity to travel a little in Western USA. I got to hike, camp, relax and recharge after a wonderful (and challenging) year. I equally love the development work I do full-time in small villages and the short-term, intense work in Disaster Response. It was a privilege to serve in the Bahamas under Samaritan’s Purse. These DART deployments are always challenging, but the “family” created on the field is a close bunch, with the same heart to love and help others in the wake of disasters. It was so sweet to reunite with Barbuda response teammates and friends from various trainings, as well as forging new friendships in the midst of chaos. I am grateful for the opportunity to work in both Development and Disaster Response. In both cases, I can come alongside people and serve them, with the love of Jesus.

Attempting to take flight on Railroad Tunnel Trail during my “rest time” out West 😏

I am boarding a flight to head back to Uganda. I am excited to go back and look forward to the projects ahead of me. I will reunite with my teammate, Washington, and get to check the projects that he has accomplished over the last three and a half years. Washington has been a great National field trainer for Hydromissions. I met and trained him in 2012 and he has been an incredibly valuable teammate- managing and constructing rainwater catchment, borehole wells and latrines. The donations I receive can do so much more for a community when I can manage from the States (or whatever country I happen to be working in) while Washington handles the projects in Uganda. Hydromissions global impact would be a lot smaller if it wasn’t for our National Field Trainers like Washington. While Washington covers Uganda, we have Cyrus in Kenya, Simon in Panama, Bijay in Nepal and two pastors serving in India. With their help, and the donations we received in 2019, we were able to accomplish 42 projects! Wahooo!

Ok, the plane is boarding now… see ya!