Papua New Guinea!

18 months ago, Hydromissions received an application to go to Papua New Guinea (PNG) to provide water in a very remote community. A project like this required extra funding because the location of the community was so remote and difficult to access (6 flights…each plane getting smaller and smaller until we land on the gravel strip in the village).

There is always a “risk” that we will not reach water when drilling with an auger. I have been part of many successes, but also failures. Making the call to go to a new community is always extra stressful because I just don’t know if we will reach water. I research as much as possible, gather information from the community members, talk to as many people as possible, but at the end of the day, only God knows if we will reach water. I have the men start the drilling process with prayer. I want it to be extremely clear to everyone involved that God is providing for their needs, not a “foreigner.” I want God to remain at the forefront during the whole process and gathering for prayer is a good way for people to be reminded that they are loved. Ideally water is reached, but, at minimum, I want the community to know that they are loved by an awesome God, as well as, respected by a hardworking (usually dirty) foreigner 😉

I am writing this quick post on my first flight (Dulles to LA). I’m already sleepy! I have five more flights and four nights before I will end up in the village. There are a lot of challenges en route; visas, connections, getting all the material and equipment on the smaller flights, and, most especially – getting through customs with the drill. Jim helped me scratch up the drill last week in New Jersey. We tried to make it look as “used” as possible by using a sander, rubbing it on asphalt and using rocks to scratch it up. If I can prove it is “used,” I have a more likely chance of bringing it into PNG without issues.

As I finish this post, I want to share briefly that our projects in Panama, India and Uganda are going great! We have 16 more wells in Panama! Hydromissions also has four more wells in India and Washington (in Uganda) has completed three more latrines and two rainwater catchment projects at schools!

Even when I am silent online (not posting on the blog or social media), I am working hard otherwise. If I’m not on a project abroad, I’m working here in the States to manage projects, prep, build, fundraise and cover admin. I’ll try to catch up on posts later, but I’m attaching a couple photos from Panama below.

Simon is watching/training as the Well recipient drills
The family on Cayo De Agua who received the well
Simon is showing off a new tool that Jim made for him. Jim welded this tool to help Simon get through some of the tougher clay

I think I took this selfie to show my family that I made it to Panama 😊

6 thoughts on “Papua New Guinea!

  1. Hey Caitlin, Hope you have a great trip! Six flights sounds rough though!  Wanted to let you know that I’m planning to close this yahoo email account but I have a similar gmail email, which is I’m also in the process of leaving Facebook but I already have your phone and email, so we can stay in touch that way. Ok, have a great trip!Stephen

  2. You never cease to amaze Anna’s inspire me! God bless you abundantly as place a hedge of protection around you.

  3. Caitlyn- YOU ROCK!!! Seriously I’m in awe of what you do. Praying for safe travels for you especially going through customs with your drill. Please know that I am always praying for you even though I don’t get to speak to you often. I love seeing the pictures and all the updates ! I love how seeing how God is using you to bring his love to people in remote places.
    Let the water of His love flow to all who will receive it!
    Eph 3:16. I pray out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through His Spirit in your inner inner being .
    When we are weak He is strong. Keep going sister- great is your reward in Heaven🙏🥰❤️😘

  4. This is not reassuring: “Violent crime The law and order situation in *Papua New Guinea* continues to pose serious risks to travellers. Violent crime, including armed robbery, carjacking and sexual assault, is common throughout the country, especially in urban areas such as Port Moresby, Lae and Mt Hage.Serious crime is particularly high in the capital, *Port Moresby*, and in the cities of Lae and Mt Hagen. Settlement or squatter areas of towns and cities are particularly*dangerous*. … Walking after dark is particularly *dangerous* in *Port Moresby* and other urban centres.”

    Feeling Helpless, George

  5. So far away, so many uncertainties in our fractured world, but still a joyful confidence in God’s grace and strength delivered in the form of a brave and gentle South Jersey girl.

  6. Hey Cait. Thanks for the update. As always, wow! Way to be dedicated to your calling! Stay strong. Treasures in Heaven. Praying for you. Blessings, John and Susan

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