Graduation Day!

Today was my last day at Strive Physical Therapy. 11 weeks flew by so quickly! The staff is awesome and I am going to miss seeing them every week. I am excited to get back out in the field, but I wish I could take these new friends with me. I know I couldn’t have made it this far after surgery without (L-R) Katie, Meghan Storey, Laura, Chris, Phillip & Meghan T.

Strive Team

Upcoming for Hydromissions – Jennifer, Don & Will are leaving for Tanzania at the end of this week. Please remember to pray for them as they have a couple long days of travel before they even reach the communities. The team will be attempting to drill some pretty deep boreholes – planning to get close to our equipment maximum of 100′ for the wells. Anything after 50′ becomes extremely difficult and time consuming with our manual drilling.  When you can, please pray for this team’s outreach, their safety, their overall health, the opportunities to build friendships in the local community, the soil conditions and the existing water table (let’s hope it’s closer then we anticipated). Their trip is the last one I am overseeing before heading into the field myself.

I am preparing for a month in Panama starting on Sept 15th. Most of the time will be spent conducting hygiene training and building a latrine, but I’m hoping to have time to go to a community with a windmill pump system to check it out. This is probably the only time “nerd” comes out of me, but I love to see what other organizations are doing in the scope of sustainable technologies.

One thought on “Graduation Day!

  1. PT will put tears in your eyes, but it works. So glad you are treading back into the harvest field. The Lord bless you and keep you.

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