The Dinner Snatcher

On Sunday evenings, before church, women in the community fry pasteles over an open fire in an area behind the church and sell them.  They are corn tortillas stuffed with potatoes and I have become very attached to getting them every Sunday night. It costs a quarter for 6.  This past Sunday evening, the ladies got … More The Dinner Snatcher

She’ll be sliding down the mountain when she comes!

The work is progressing slowly this week but we should still be finished by Friday. It takes a long time to position and support the pipe because we are working on steep slopes. We have supported about 80% of the pipe and should be finished with the pipe tomorrow.  I literally hold small tree trunks to … More She’ll be sliding down the mountain when she comes!

Everyone LOVES playing with fire

The training day in Lexington, South Carolina went really well! Getting to spend the weekend with Radius (the organization Hydromissions has partnered with) and hearing why the training day “students” we’re interested in getting involved was really encouraging. Everyone has different backgrounds and talents but all are coming together to serve the common goal of … More Everyone LOVES playing with fire

Recycled Tire

We needed to make gaskets for the rope pump so we used a 1/2 inch pipe (with sharped edges) to punch out small rubber “gaskets.” It was tedious (and painful) work but we took turns and cut out over 100 gaskets for the pump.