She’ll be sliding down the mountain when she comes!

The work is progressing slowly this week but we should still be finished by Friday. It takes a long time to position and support the pipe because we are working on steep slopes. We have supported about 80% of the pipe and should be finished with the pipe tomorrow.  I literally hold small tree trunks to keep from sliding down the mountainside as we work. It is quite difficult, but fun nonetheless. Jess left for the States yesterday. She is missed by everyone here, but she had to return to start her new job next week (wahoo Jess!).  

am currently sitting on a large rock in the middle of a field in a valley between the mountains. My satellite messengers gets good reception here 🙂  

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One thought on “She’ll be sliding down the mountain when she comes!

  1. I think it`s great that you find joy in such arduous work! Be safe and rest when you need it.God put that rock there for a reason!

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