The Dinner Snatcher

On Sunday evenings, before church, women in the community fry pasteles over an open fire in an area behind the church and sell them.  They are corn tortillas stuffed with potatoes and I have become very attached to getting them every Sunday night. It costs a quarter for 6.  This past Sunday evening, the ladies got started late, so I couldn’t buy my dinner until right as church started. I had on my traveling skirt which is ankle length, baggy and has deep pockets. I took the piping hot fried treats and shoved them into my pocket (they were in a little plastic bag). I felt like Napoleon Dynamite and the “tots” but that isn’t even the funny part of this story.  The church is a small, mud building with two doors and dogs generally walk in and out during service. I wasn’t in my seat for more then a few minutes when a dog came under my chair and crawled under my skirt in search of the pasteles that he smelled! Needless to say, I was embarrassed but couldn’t do anything but jump up and shoooo the little dog away.

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