Everyone LOVES playing with fire

The training day in Lexington, South Carolina went really well! Getting to spend the weekend with Radius (the organization Hydromissions has partnered with) and hearing why the training day “students” we’re interested in getting involved was really encouraging. Everyone has different backgrounds and talents but all are coming together to serve the common goal of sharing Christ’s love by providing water worldwide. Our students all hit water during the drilling portion of the class (shhhh, we aren’t sharing that the borehole locations were close to a small lake), learned the basics on water retrieval design (bailer buckets, pumps), ate fish and rice without utensils or plates (or washing their hands) and learned about appropriate gear for field work. It was certainly not all of the information they would need to head out on a Hydromissions project, but it was a great taste for people who didn’t know much about us or what we did before we arrived. One of the cool parts was hearing some people say “I didn’t know you could do that” when different tasks were demonstrated. For example, PVC caps are hard to find in village markets and if they are found, they are very expensive. Jen demonstrated how to cut PVC with a hack saw and heat the edges until the pipe is soft enough to bend over into a “cap.”


I am sitting in another airport terminal as I type…and just like every other terminal I have ever sat in, this one makes me hungry (why?) so I am signing off to attack the candy rack in the little shop across from where I am sitting : )

Have a great week!

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