The Rock (no, not the actor) 

We borrowed some old GI pipe to use as a percussion tool to break down the rock
This one took 7 hours to chip away

Drilling continues here at the primary school in Kyansinbi. It started great, but within a few days we ran into challenges with a quartz-like rock in the borehole. We spent 7 hours one day just to chip enough to move pass briefly. Even after we chip off chunks of the rock, it feels like it moves enough to drill a little deeper and then falls into a position where it locks up the drill again. We are continuing to work hard and hopefully will reach water!

In the meantime, my best bud, Melissa, has been working hard back in the States to launch our annual fundraiser!

The “Gift a Goat & MORE!” fundraiser for 2016 is ready to go!

We were able to do a lot of great projects with the funds from last year. In Marbial Haiti, 60 more students entered the goat program and received their own goat to raise and breed, a community of 250 people now have water access right to their homes and composting outdoor toilets (latrines) in San Antonio Guatemala, 7 families have new pit latrines in El Salvador, 2 borehole wells were drilled on Isle Bastimentos Panama, one rain catchment system was built in De Jada Panama serving a community of about 40 people, a 5-room latrine for Kakooge Primary school in Kakooge Uganda and one rain catchment system in Butenga Uganda, serving up to 200 people with drinking water. Check out a video recap of the year:

The projects for next year will include 60 more students for the goat program (we have found that 60 per year is a good amount concerning logistics of getting the goats and offering proper training for the students), latrines in El Salvador, borehole wells and rain catchment in Uganda and Panama. I have already sent some funds for immediate relief to my partner organization, Faith and Love in Action, in Haiti. Depending on the situation in Haiti over the next few months, some funds may go to relief efforts (food, housing, etc).

Thank you all for your support of these projects!

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