Press On

We came down to Tacuba today for additional material to finish the tank roof and final piping. It has not been an easy few days, but our team is pressing on 🙂

Yesterday, we placed the lower tank liner after spending a lot of time making sure the lower tank was ready. After filling it up to about 18″ of water, we found that it was leaking at our fittings location. Discouraged hardly describes how we felt inside. We have been working for over a month to get to the point of placing the liner and for it to fail (although a minor fail), was hard. We took the fittings apart, adjusted areas in the liner we thought could be causing issues and put it together again. We filled it 18″ again and left it to sit overnight.  We had to leave at daybreak this morning to get down to Tacuba, so we have not checked the liner yet today. We are praying that it holds with the good adjustments we made and that the water level is the same we left it last night.

It was a long day yesterday, but spirits are still high and we each ate a yummy cookie last night in celebration of Valentines day 😉

I have to go catch a ride on the construction truck to get back “home” now – have a lovely sunday and keep us up in prayer as we work to solve and complete this project.

3 thoughts on “Press On

  1. Feliz Coupleanos Caitlin! Praying for you, these people and this project and that upon successful completion you’ll be with us once more, although you are probably in a better place right now! We have 60 mph winds and a temp of 9 degrees. So press on in His Son’s shine!

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