Then and Now

February 7th 2009, I boarded a plane for Guatemala and a two-month project that changed the direction of my career from that point forward. I had found my place as an engineer. My first blog – yippeekiyay – documented those months and my first water/sanitation project abroad in San Antonio. I had returned, briefly, to … More Then and Now

Sassy Coffee, Part 1

Jen and I travelled to a community called “Coyolate” to meet with my church (Coastal Christian) Missions team. Coastal Christian  partnered with an organization called Mission Impact, working specifically with Gerber and Michelle Perez (who are missionaries supported by my church). Gerber and Michelle have a program called “Healthy Communities.” Healthy Communities partners with local leaders, … More Sassy Coffee, Part 1

It doesn’t rain “cats and dogs” here…

…but Parrots instead! Panama – where the seasons are “wet” and “wetter.” 😉 My first couple weeks here have been busy, sometimes hectic, most always muddy and GREAT! When I arrived, there was a team here at the Wood’s house from Washington State. They were having medical/dental clinics, building rain-catchment systems and drilling wells (with … More It doesn’t rain “cats and dogs” here…

Press On

We came down to Tacuba today for additional material to finish the tank roof and final piping. It has not been an easy few days, but our team is pressing on 🙂 Yesterday, we placed the lower tank liner after spending a lot of time making sure the lower tank was ready. After filling it … More Press On