Help me send Lights to Haiti

Marbial, Sud-Est, Haiti

By now, you all know of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on Saturday. The most current death toll is close to 2,000 people, with over 6,000 injured.

Our ministry partners in Haiti (Faith & Love in Action / Aid International Inc) are spread out with schools, churches and children’s homes in Jacmel, Marbial and Les Cayes. The school in Les Cayes collapsed, but no one was inside. The homes of people we know that collapsed around Les Cayes, everyone was able to escape. The community that we (Hydromissions) work in the most, Marbial, is cut off due to a high river this time of year (and increased by the tropical storm) so no one has been able to reach them to check. Marbial was quite far from the epicenter, however mudslides impact the community often so we are praying that people are OK in Marbial.

It is hard to be here and feel helpless in a time like this. Since covid-19 brought on shutdowns in early 2020, Hydromissions has helped out with food and supplies for Haiti since we cannot work in the country. After the Haitian President assassination, we sent more funds for food (to buy in bulk) as our friends had to lock-down to stay safe.

Now we were asked to send solar lights since power has been knocked out. We are going to do this, but I thought I could also reach out and ask if anyone else wanted to be part of the effort.

Usually I donate a few Luci lights in the villages I work in – they are durable and easy to use. Luci lights are the lights that our partners are familiar with since we have given them in previous years.

If you would like to send lights yourself, please mail to “Aid International Inc. / Marlaine Alix 1151 Ivanhoe St NW Palm Bay, Florida 32907” From this Florida address, they can be shipped to Haiti.

Here are some links for the lights –

Luci lights

Amazon luci lights

If you would like to donate directly to our partners in Haiti, please go to

If you want to donate to me and I’ll send the lights, just Venmo “Hydrocait” or PayPal caitter @ gmail

Marbial, Sud-Est, Haiti

There are plenty of photos in the news of the devastation, so I decided to just post some of my favorite photos from Marbial 💕

2 thoughts on “Help me send Lights to Haiti

  1. Thank you for blessing those in need, Caitlin, and for making us aware of ways in which we can help. Did just that. God is good, isn’t He.

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