A special (good) message!

Hi, everyone! This is Melissa acting as a clever imposter to Caitlin (insert evil laugh here).  I’m here to tell you two things – 1. The tank liner is holding WHOOO HOOOO!!! and 2. Caitlin’s birthday is Wednesday (She might be a liiiitttlle annoyed that I told you that :).  Use the link below to send happy/silly/encouraging messages to her, not only on her birthday but anytime you would like to check in or even just to say hi (bonus: it’s through email so it works on phones/tablets too)! Have fun!

Send a message to Cait: https://share.delorme.com/Caitlinterry


One thought on “A special (good) message!

  1. So glad to hear that the lower tank is holding the water. Praise God!

    I pray that you will have a glorious birthday tomorrow, Caitlin!

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