Goldfish Crackers are the BEST!

The project is going well, but progress has been slow this week.  I am back in the little shop in Tacuba for an hour of wonderful internet time (36 minutes to go!). We came down early this morning to get some more material for the project. I can´t really describe how hard it is to get to and from our little community.  You would think standing in a truck, crawling over rocks, bouncling harshly back and forth as we slowly climb up steep inclines would not be that hard, but sometimes I wonder if walking the 5 or so miles up would be easier on my body 🙂

As for the project, we have the lower tank walls assembled and the concrete/rock wall surrounding most of it.  We still need to build a valve box which is why the concrete/rock wall is not finished. The liner should be in by Saturday and we should be able to start filling the lower tank. I will sigh a BIG sigh of relief after the lower tank has been filled and given time to make sure there arent any leaks. I am hoping to have that sigh by Monday or Tuesday 🙂

Lee Clark from my church joined us this week on the project. He brought the liner for us and also brought (almost as important) a pack full of treats from the Kooker family (two boxes of goldfish crackers, meds, brownies!).  We have been dining on treats all week! Lee got along great with the guys even though he didnt speak Spanish. Jessica and I ended up translating which was ohard since we are not good at Spanish either (an adventure for sure).  Lee left today and my Hydromissions teammate, Gilbert, will be arriving this evening. Gilbert was co-leading the first team to La Cumbre back in the fall of 2013 along with Raul. The guys in the community are SO excited to have Gilbert coming back. We have an afternoon soccer game planned for Sunday and we will be celebrating my birthday early so Gilbert can be there for it before he leaves on the 17th. Mrs. Kooker sent two boxes of Tastykakes so I plan to cut them into quarters and have a mini party with our host family and the guys working on the site. Since Gilbert speaks Spanish, he will be able to help explain what Tastykakes are 😉

My time is nearly up so I will be signing off now -sorry for any typos!

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