Fruits de mar

Language Blunder #954: “Fruits de mar” has nothing at all to do with fruit in Haiti- it means seafood. Helene and I almost ordered some sort of mango seafood dish thinking it was just a mango fruit cup. Oops! We returned home just after midnight from a successful and exhausting trip into the mountains of … More Fruits de mar


The drilling project application for Marbial, Haiti was originally denied by Hydromissions because of the rocky soil conditions of the small mountain village.  Among drillers who have worked in Haiti, the country is referred to as a “giant rock.”  And a “giant rock” is not a good match for our manual drilling equipment (EXP-50). Hydromissions … More Ahhhh…BOOM!

Heading off the grid

I will be picking up my Hydromissions teammates in about twenty minutes and heading off the grid for the drilling project in the mountains! Keep up the prayers! You’ll hear from me again on the 18th or 19th of Feb!

One down, one to go!

Hard work and long nights paid off! We presented to a group tonight that consisted of Grace staff, village leaders and a representative from the Mayor’s office. After we presented the master plan, the Mayor’s representative stood up and commended us for putting together a residential site where Haitians would be comfortable. He said that … More One down, one to go!

Is your toilet sexy?

Who would have thought that nearly every conversation my teammates and I have had during these past couple days, would be about toilet design? I am not just talking about a passing comment – no, we’ve spent hours trying to figure out the waste water design for the Lambi 2 Project we are working on…hours! … More Is your toilet sexy?