Goats don’t need water. Right?

IMG_3167.JPGThe mountain community who received the training from Helene and Dana were surprised to learn that goats needed water daily. The community was really receptive to the training and interacted with many questions over the 4 days. In the end, they learned about basic goat care, first aid, breeding and milking. On the last day of class, some community members brought their personal goats for the girls to check. John and I helped with caring for the 45 goats we had on the property for the students and the school. I also taught hygiene classes at the end of the goat classes.

All-in-all, it went really well!

We are currently sitting in the airport in Miami waiting to fly to Philly. I leave again (along with John) to go to El Salvador early tomorrow morning to survey and buy materials for my upcoming 2-month project in January.

Please keep Helene in your prayers. She has been extremely ill since Saturday night (as soon as she finished tagging the last goat, she started feeling sick). She is going straight to a hospital in North Jersey when we return where there is an infectious disease doctor awaiting her arrival. I am anxious about leaving tomorrow with her being so sick, but my project is only 5 days long and I will (hopefully) have cell reception in the mountains to keep in touch with her progress.



One thought on “Goats don’t need water. Right?

  1. ***GOOD NEWS*** Helene is out of the hospital. She has an infection that inflamed her stomach (causing intense pain), but she is home resting now. Still in pain, but at least it is something that will be easily treated with meds.

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