The Rat Race

Message from Cait: Good day! Reached 9ft depth on our first drill day! I have been able to sleep in my room because I believed the rats wouldn’t come.  Not true as I found out today.  My comfort – a local said to sleep in socks because they will chew on individual toes.

Everyone LOVES playing with fire

The training day in Lexington, South Carolina went really well! Getting to spend the weekend with Radius (the organization Hydromissions has partnered with) and hearing why the training day “students” we’re interested in getting involved was really encouraging. Everyone has different backgrounds and talents but all are coming together to serve the common goal of … More Everyone LOVES playing with fire

I got my Visa!

My Visa finally came back after a couple weeks of waiting and a few anxious calls to the embassy. There wasn’t anything wrong with my application, just a misplaced return envelope – yay! Some of the trip details are coming together nicely, others I won’t known if they will fall in line until I actually … More I got my Visa!

New Toys

I picked up some new supplies for Uganda.  I still have two months before leaving but I like to prepare early (especially since I know life will get hectic as my departure date nears). I am planning on using Citronella for body and hair wash, Deet for my skin and Permethrin for my mosquito net and outer garments.  All … More New Toys

Logistics, Ahh!

Planning for Uganda has been very difficult so far.  I have two Hydromissions projects in two different regions in Uganda – each project will have different American trainees. Coordinating the arrival and departure times, trying to add in factors for long bus rides and figuring out exactly how much time we might need in each … More Logistics, Ahh!