Everyone LOVES playing with fire

The training day in Lexington, South Carolina went really well! Getting to spend the weekend with Radius (the organization Hydromissions has partnered with) and hearing why the training day “students” we’re interested in getting involved was really encouraging. Everyone has different backgrounds and talents but all are coming together to serve the common goal of … More Everyone LOVES playing with fire

Pump Repair

Here are some teammates tinkering with an Afridev hand pump My pumps refresher training at Edge went really well this week. After spending three solid days focused on dismantling, building and troubleshooting hand pumps, I feel comfortable with tackling some repairs in the field if needed. This will also help me when it comes to … More Pump Repair

Allergies & Edge

I am writing from yet another airport terminal.  This time I am in Philadelphia waiting to depart for Kentucky.  I am heading to Louisville to take a water hand pump repair course with an organization called Edge Outreach.  Although I took pump repair a few years ago and have built some pumps out in the … More Allergies & Edge

To train in a community, you have to first be their student

As always, the week of training at Equip has flown by! I am back in an airport terminal (Asheville) and as I wait for my flight, I have two distinct thoughts; (1) I have learned more then I anticipated during this week of training; (2) airport terminals make me hungry!  Obviously, I am going to … More To train in a community, you have to first be their student