Pump Repair

Here are some teammates tinkering with an Afridev hand pump


My pumps refresher training at Edge went really well this week. After spending three solid days focused on dismantling, building and troubleshooting hand pumps, I feel comfortable with tackling some repairs in the field if needed. This will also help me when it comes to building pumps in country with whatever parts we can dig up in the local markets.

As usual, getting to know the reasons my trainers and classmates are involved in water is really cool. I love the networking that takes place in training situations like this because you never know who you can help (or who can help you) in the future. We talked a lot today about how awesome (and practical) it would be for all the water organizations to work together. We wouldn’t be tripping over each other or wasting resources if we could all communicate and work together. A pretty big task, eh? Maybe if all of us Edge and Equip trainees kept in touch and worked together, we can get going in the right direction…

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