Solar Chargers & South Carolina

I am taking my new portable solar charger to test while I am down in SC this weekend… but it didn’t hit me until packing today how suspicious this unit looks- a red led light on the front and if you unzip it, you are met with wires and a battery pack! Haha. I made my dad stick around outside the airport in case TSA decided to take me down ; )


So, why am I spending a weekend in SC right before flying to Uganda next weekend?!
Cause I love overbooking my life!

Actually, this will be a good trip even though I am stressing a bit with prepping for Uganda.

I am flying down to SC tonight to work with Steve & Jen (founders of Hydromissions) as we introduce a couple dozen people to what it is like to be a Hydromissions associate. We will stage a “boot camp” tomorrow where the students will work with the drilling equipment, learn about casing boreholes, building water retrieval units and how to respond to cultural differences. This is also an important weekend for me to attend because I will be meeting a lot of new volunteers who will be managing our future projects. Some of the people attending the boot camp will never travel out of the country but since they will now be volunteering with Hydromissions (stateside), it is important for them to understand what we do.

That’s all I’ve got for now folks – I have about an hour left before my flight but I need to work on some pump documents.

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