Where there is coffee, there is life!


All is well in La Cumbre, El Salvador. We have enjoyed spending time with the community. I checked the water tanks and pipes and the system is functioning but they are in the middle of a little drought and the water is coming out of the spring very slowly. Jen taught the kids a fun game to play during recess at the school up here.  I am not a coffee drinker at home, but it is rude to refuse anything presented (even if you don’t usually eat/drink it) in these communities. With that said, I really hope I don’t return to the States addicted to coffee, because I drank more here then anywhere else abroad or home.  😉 Jen and I taught a hygiene class to the women of the community. The class went really well and the next day, before lunch, the lady serving us went and washed her hands at the Tippy Tap before serving the food. She commented that she learned that from class!

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