Tech that Connects

Bukedea, Uganda (2012)

While I am home in New Jersey, I am still able to keep up with projects abroad thanks to applications like Skype, Facebook Messenger and What’sApp.

The support I raise is applied to projects that I am personally leading and for projects that I manage remotely.  Both types of projects are usually running simultaneously. For example, while I was working in Panama with Simon, Washington (Ugandan Field Trainer) was reporting to me on the Hydromissions projects he was leading in the Gulu District of Uganda. It has only been within the past year that Washington and I have been able to communicate via apps instead of international calling cards. The first time I went to Uganda (2012), I had never met Washington and communication was so difficult that I arrived at the airport without knowing for sure that he would be there. That happened a lot in my earlier years of working abroad – never quite certain who would be waiting for me after the flight or at the end of the bus line. Even then, I still had more communication options than the generations before me. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to work abroad and have to wait months for a letter from your family.

Updates and Photos from Uganda via WhatsApp!

While I am Stateside, I am keeping busy managing projects remotely, planning for upcoming projects, sharing updates at different events and fundraising.

If you have a group that would like to hear about Hydromissions’ well drilling or any aspect of my work abroad, just let me know. I would love to present to any age group (although the youngest kids tend to be the most fun).

On Sunday night, I had the pleasure sharing with little kids at Malaga Assembly of God Vacation Bible School (VBS). I had three different age groups, however the youngest (and last) group was definitely the most entertaining. The kids were three and four years old and they had so many things to tell me in the middle of my presentation. For example, when I was explaining how I dig a hole to reach water, one little boy started to demonstrate on the floor how his dog digs a hole. That act led to all the other kids “digging” into the carpet to show me how their dogs dig holes. Well, at the end of it all, I am starting to think that their dogs can dig better holes than I can 😉

Sharing my stories to the 7 and 8 year olds at VBS of Malaga Assembly of God

My next mini speaking engagement will be at Coastal Christian on Sunday, July 16th. I will be sharing a quick update from my 3-months in Panama and a short video. The video isn’t quite ready, so I will upload it in my next post.

Speaking of videos and blogs, did you notice how different the blog looks? I changed the design last week. The current design has some of my videos embedded at the bottom of the homepage so if you missed them in the post, you can check them out again on the homepage.

Have a great day and check back next week for more updates!

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