My Favorite Sport is…Watermelon?


Graduated with A’s! Wahoo!

Although, you’d wonder how I got such good grades if you heard me during graduation yesterday. My teacher, Gaby, asked me some questions during my presentation that I was not expecting. So, when she asked me what my favorite sport was, I unintentionally made everyone laugh when I said “Sandia” (watermelon). She went on with the joking and I caught on to her questions and we had fun as she explained to the class how I was practicing idioms this week by using “a cada rato” (frequently – very often) and “a mano” (at hand) in a sentence that is really accurate, but maybe TMI. I said “siempre tengo mi agua a mano, entonces yo voy el baño a cada rato” (always I have water close at hand so I go to the bathroom frequently). As you might guess, our class spends a LOT of time laughing and we just continued that tradition during graduation as well. The two other classes (intermediate and advanced) also presented. Advanced had to compose and share a 5-min speech and all three students did awesome (yea Kathy, Mandy & Kayla!). The intermediate students had the whole group cracking up as they performed skits poking fun at all the mistakes most “beginner” Spanish speakers make (the taxi skit was the best!). I am really going to miss my teachers and fellow classmates, but it is time (and I am ready) to go home. I catch an afternoon flight and I should be crawling into my own bed by 2am tomorrow morning (hopefully!).
Hasta Luego!


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Sport is…Watermelon?

  1. This sounds awesome! I hope my language school experience in Portugal this summer is as fruitful 🙂 Big love!

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