We’re cooking with oil now!


Before I get a bunch of comments about how the saying really goes (especially from all of you who know how I usually butcher sayings), let me explain. During the process of building the water filters and the fuel-efficient stoves, we needed to clean and oil the forms every morning. It was an extremely important task because the oil would keep the concrete from sticking to the form when we removed them. We used vegetable oil. As we became faster and more efficient in our “oiling” task, I made one of my typical saying blunders and thought “cooking with oil” was an appropriate summary of our fast process : )

Flying home late this evening! I will share more photos and fun stories next week!



2 thoughts on “We’re cooking with oil now!

  1. You look great Caitlin. Hope you are well and everything went as planned. Have a very safe trip home, look forward to your stories and pictures. Love, Tricia

  2. Great to hear you had a good trip. I want to know all. The filters in the picture look great. So sorry to have not seen you this weekend. You were greatly missed.

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