The wheels on my car go round and round

Managing projects, training new well drillers, guest speaking and seeing friends tie the knot. This busy summer has flown by so fast that I don’t even feel unpacked from Haiti as I pack for Panama. … More The wheels on my car go round and round


A New Drilling Team!

Leaving a project community is always bittersweet. It is hard to jump between countries because I am always leaving family behind every time I get on a plane. Sometimes it is my biological family and sometimes it is the communities I have come to love as I live and work with them. I am especially attached to … More A New Drilling Team!

Gift a Goat

Back in April, I wrote about a goat project for students scheduled tentatively for December of this year.  It is no longer tentative! I launched the crowd-funding site yesterday, Helene (my sister) is developing the training program, the team has been assembled and we have set the project date for December 2nd – 9th! Check out … More Gift a Goat