Panama: 2; Water Team: 1

We got 1 point for breaking into a great source of water a couple days ago, but we couldn’t hold the lead long and Panama tied us by pouring rain last night/drizzle all day today that altered how we develop the well. Around 6pm, Panama took the lead with another point by releasing swarming termites that interrupted our attempts to continue working through problems developing the well. The game isn’t over yet. Final buzzer goes off at 3pm tomorrow when we have to start the boat/bus journey home.

All fun aside, we have a lot of work ahead of us and not a lot of time. Please pray for the filter pack to work and for that spring of water we tapped to flow clear tomorrow. The filter pack got caught up between the well casing and the borehole wall and only 5 of the 7 gallons that we needed to settle around the casing entered and got blocked up somewhere. We have hit so many new challenges on this project. I am happy for roadblocks because I know it is a learning experience, but I just wish there weren’t so many 🙂

The students are doing fantastic. We have all worked extremely hard (physically and mentally) and they have really stepped up to every challenge with an eagerness to figure it out. We spent most of the day soaking wet and extremely muddy. Hot, tired and some of them are covered in bug bites, but they haven’t complained or given up. I am glad that they are on this project with me and Don (Hydromissions Associate).

Below is a group shot taken during our lunch break. Yes, it is raining.


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