Allergies & Edge

I am writing from yet another airport terminal.  This time I am in Philadelphia waiting to depart for Kentucky.  I am heading to Louisville to take a water hand pump repair course with an organization called Edge Outreach.  Although I took pump repair a few years ago and have built some pumps out in the … More Allergies & Edge

Recycled Tire

We needed to make gaskets for the rope pump so we used a 1/2 inch pipe (with sharped edges) to punch out small rubber “gaskets.” It was tedious (and painful) work but we took turns and cut out over 100 gaskets for the pump.

Rope Pump

We could not find any parts to make a typical piston type pump so we made a rope pump here in the village.

Lift Pump

One of the tasks I was really insecure about was constructing a pump.  Hydromissions constructs a bailer bucket but not always a pump since they are much more difficult to produce with the limited materials typically available in villages.  I was sort of hoping we would not have to construct a pump since I wasn’t … More Lift Pump