Panama Projects


Home and cayucos in Shark Hole, Panama

Each Hydromissions project is unique because we work in many countries, most of which have different climates, languages and cultures within themselves. Every project has its own set of challenges, whether it is difficult soil conditions, limited material or uncooperative weather, to name a few.

While I don’t always make it back to each community where I manage projects, I try when possible. One of the benefits of multiple projects in Panama is that I am able to easily check on projects that I have worked on in years past.

One location I checked a few times during this last trip was the pipeline constructed back in 2015. You can read about the construction in this post- Pipeline. The line looked good with no visible holes in the pipe. The community leader assigned a family member to make sure all of the valves were closed in the afternoon to give the spring time to fill each night and manages any repairs if needed.

The Pipeline from November 2015 is looking good!

One of my favorite Panama projects is the well that was drilled with the engineering students from Rowan University during their Spring Break in 2014. This well is used all day and sometimes at night too. I am so encouraged because the water flow (and pvc pump) has kept up with the demand for over two years now!

Well drilled in March 2014 with engineering students from Rowan University 

I am grateful for the relationship that I have with the Wood family and Simon and his family. Those two contacts in Panama make it easier to coordinate and work on projects to serve the Ngobe communities.

Simon, a Ngobe himself, is now working with Hydromissions and The Healing Fund, part-time, to continue well drilling and sharing the word of God on the surrounding islands year-round.

Simon starting a bore hole well on Isla Bastimentos

Please keep the Wood Family and Simon and his family in prayer as they work to share the gospel and provide for the physical needs of the communities surrounding them.





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