To Soroti….and beyond!











Message from Cait:

“Soroti is going really well! I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived besides the fact that I was staying with my friend, Jennifer (an awesome missionary nurse who I will write about once I arrive back in the states), bringing a water filter for her to use when she is up serving in the North, scouting areas for Hydromissions and trying to find people working in the service of safe water.  I had no idea how great this was going to be – I was introduced to a couple (Colin & Ronnie with “Water for All International“) who are hand-drilling in this area via Jennifer.  I was able to see their equipment and learn about how they drill through different soil types and also share Hydromissions drilling method with them.  We even had time to spend a day traveling down to Kaloko (first village project in the district of Bukedea) and do some demo drilling with the drill set I left in that village.  I am really excited that I got to learn a method that is new to me and see another team working on using equipment that is fabricated in country and materials that are locally available.  I hope that our organizations can keep in touch in the future so we can learn from each other.  Today, I am going to help Jennifer at the clinic and tomorrow morning (4am) I will be starting another long journey to Arua.  I am hiring a Ugandan man (trustworthy dude who was recommended by Jennifer and others on her team) to travel with me since the roads are remote and even though public transport is “safe”, the packed buses break down often and I do not want to be stranded alone.  Once in Arua, I will be doing similar stuff like here in Soroti – scouting out soil conditions, finding people connected to water and staying with friends who are training in Arua currently.  I have lots to share when I return home next week!”

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