Leaving Kampala!

I am leaving Kampala today. I finished my final lab tests with the doctor and have been given a new series of antibiotics to take care of some uninvited guests living in my tummy (gross!). I will be getting on a bus for Iganga in about twenty minutes to visit the site and check on the progress. I am really excited to get back to work although I am glad I came to Kampala to go to the better health clinic.

Here are a few more photos to check out : )

Do you remember the text I sent that Melissa posted about the cows waking me up as they came into my hut to escape the rain? Here is one of them after the fact.

One of our meetings with the local government in Bukedea to explain our purpose for staying in the district

Agnes and I became quick friends and she stayed with me during most days at the latrine construction site. She was one of the few kids brave enough to hang out with a foreigner (most hid around corners and peeked through windows)

Typical team meeting inside the boy’s hut. My teammates from left are David (American), Washington (Ugandan) and Cyrus (Kenyan)

Rainbows were pretty common in Bukedea

Current hand-dug well in Kaloko before we drilled and added the hand pump (the picture I posted yesterday showed the new hand pump and borehole in Kaloko)

David, Cyrus and Washington working hard in Iganga

I take these motorbikes everywhere – cheapest and easiest transport for short distances

Our other form of transport – “footing” : )

Have a great next couple of weeks everyone! I will hopefully be able to get on wifi or public computers again soon but if not, Melissa will continue to post from text message updates I send her

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