Almost done Project #2

Message from Cait: The sun is setting here in Iganga. I made it back to watch the plastering of the 5 stalls and 2 bathing rooms. Final touches will be made tomorrow and then I am off to Soroti to bring a water filter to a friend and scout for future hydromissions sites.

**Please note these posts are derived from text messages we receive from Caitlin while she is traveling. Keep the encouraging comments, just know that Cait doesn’t have internet access majority of the time and she won’t be able to respond till she gets back at the end of the month. Thanks!

One thought on “Almost done Project #2

  1. Caitlin, love all the pictures you shared with us, especially the one of you and Agnes and you the London guard!!! So very Happy you are feeling better. Your illness may have left you zapped of your strength for awhile but never your sense of humor ( fighting defenseless worms!). You and your team are doing an awesome job, keep up the Great work! God Bless You. Love you, Tricia

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