Free wifi means you all get photos!

I just had a chance to see all of the comments posted – thanks so much!
They made me laugh, smile and feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
Enjoy the photos : )

Complete well and hand pump in Kaloko village (first project in the district of Bukedea)

Picking what I thought was an edible fruit but it wasn’t until later that I was told it was edible…for elephants!

Using a hammer to break down the rocks into usable pieces of aggregate for the concrete slab (latrine site)

Latrine in Bukedea – nearly complete

Here is a little girl at the orphanage in Iganga trying to get water from the pump before we repaired it

Women helping us with the pump in Kaloko by carrying sand from the latrine site to the pump location

Drilling in Iganga before the borehole collapsed

I had a layover in London on my way to Uganda. I know it is cliche but all I wanted was a photo with this guy! I was nice though- I didn’t try to make him smile and even told him my intention of jumping next to him for a photo

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