Home for the Holidays 

I’m home from Haiti. In short, the borehole well is still a work-in-progress. We partnered with an organization, Water4Haiti, that has an LS200 rotary drill, however the drill needed a part repaired Stateside. One of our teammates, Edward, took the part for repair in Texas (his home State) while the rest of us also returned … More Home for the Holidays 

Graduation Day!

Today was my last day at Strive Physical Therapy. 11 weeks flew by so quickly! The staff is awesome and I am going to miss seeing them every week. I am excited to get back out in the field, but I wish I could take these new friends with me. I know I couldn’t have … More Graduation Day!

T-Minus 30 Hours

We are home from Panama! Pictured above are Eric, Pat, Me, Brittany & Jessica after we landed in Newark (Jimmie & Don landed in different airports) The project was challenging, but we learned a lot and I really enjoyed working with the students. I plan to share more photos soon, but I am leaving for … More T-Minus 30 Hours

Off to Panama!

I slacked a bit when I first got home from Costa Rica so I didn’t actually finished my laundry from that trip until yesterday – just in time to pack for Panama! I am heading to Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro (see the red pinned location on the map above) to scout, test and drill … More Off to Panama!