Lessons learned

Message from Caitlin:

Cyrus does have Malaria.  He just returned from the site and we started him on medication.  He should recover soon.  Washington has recovered successfully because his malaria was treated early.

We are really blessed that we were able to conduct this latrine construction differently based on what we learned from issues in Bukedea.  Issues still arise and we still oversee construction but it is going a lot smoother which is good considering all the illness out team has had here in Iganga.

2 thoughts on “Lessons learned

  1. Are you feeling better? Thank you for keeping up up to date with this blog. The entire cleaning ministry and the missions committee are keeping you, your team & these projects in prayer. We love you sweet Cait!

  2. Hi Cait…this is Bob, Suzette’s hubby. Wow your team has certainly had to deal with much illness on this trip. Pastor Matt mentioned you on Sunday….of course your are always in my prayers… people like you represent to me “true religion” Say Hi to Dad for me


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