T-Minus 30 Hours

We are home from Panama!
20140323-220611.jpgPictured above are Eric, Pat, Me, Brittany & Jessica after we landed in Newark (Jimmie & Don landed in different airports)

The project was challenging, but we learned a lot and I really enjoyed working with the students. I plan to share more photos soon, but I am leaving for Haiti in 30-hours.

Yes, I know it is crazy to have projects back-to-back like this, but I need to get into Marbial (Haiti) before the rainy season. We drive up a river bed and then hike into Marbial so lots of rain would make it to difficult to get in and out of the small mountain community. I am going to work on Latrines and help the guys we trained last year to locate more areas for future drilling projects. I am also really excited to bring a new person to help me with community development – my sister! Helene is going to join me and we are going to scout village gardens and livestock. I want Helene to help with animal husbandry training programs in some of the villages I work in so Marbial will be a good start for her to evaluate and develop programs. We are going to spend a week together in Haiti.

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