Support for our friends in Haiti

Dana, Helene & Marlaine teaching the community members of Marbial, Haiti
As many of your know Hurricane Matthew has had a devastating effect on the people of Haiti.

I’ve worked in partnership with Faith and Love in Action (FLA) in Haiti for over three years now – originally with water/sanitation projects and, since 2014, the “Gift a Goat” program that many of you support. I only have one communication from Marlaine, founder of FLA, to update us on their situation after the hurricane.

They have lost much of their food resources and reserves as well as sustained damage to their buildings.  They are in need of much help and if you would like to support relief efforts in Haiti, I am confident that anything donated to FLA will go right to all the children and families under their care.

Here is the message I received from Marlaine shortly after the Hurricane:

“Quickly, we are fine in Jacmel. Some of the kids were very sick during the storm and now doing much better but I just catch a cold myself. We do have some damages at the rooftop of the 3rd floor at the girls home we lost all the bananas plantation and fruit trees for surplus of food for the kids. Water came in at the basement of the boys building and wet the food reserves of the kids as well. We heard lot of devastations in Marbial but we still can evaluate it because we still cannot communicate. The water is so high that ISAAC cannot cross to the school until now but the buildings are up as he could see from afar. In Les Cayes , we have 2 schools and 2 churches building destroyed. One of them is an area where we held a mobile clinic with a US team 2 weeks ago. 137 families are homeless at the moment there, so financial help is very needed to provide food, water and shelter. We will keep you update as we hear more from Marbial. Thanks for your prayer.”

Please consider donating and keep them in prayer. To donate, visit their homepage, Faith and Love in Action and click on the donate button on the center of the page. 


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