Poco a Poco (little by little)

Digging the trench is going slowly, but little by little, we are making progress!

250′ of trench!

In order to maintain community involvement, we work when the community members are able to work with us. Last weekend, I worked with 3 guys on Saturday and 1 guy on Sunday.  Even though it is hard work, if I can get at least one guy to show up, we can keep progressing. This week, there have been a couple guys working in the mornings, but I haven’t been with them. I came down with a fever a couple nights ago and haven’t recovered yet. Raul and Chuck, from Hydromissions, are here to help this week. As I lay here in bed, typing this update, they are working hard on the trench (I feel so bad not being in the field with them because the conditions are rough, but I am too sick). I am really grateful for the timing of Raul and Chuck’s visit. No one wants to get sick in the field, but knowing that the project continues to progress makes it easier.

I have mentioned the trench for the water line will take us past the new school. Because it will bring water to the school, I am able to get more support from the whole community. Typically, the two main families do not get along or work together, but they have unified recently to build this small school for their children.  Working off the momentum of the school project and showing how the water line will benefit the school and the teacher is really helping me get support. Being a teacher here is not easy. There is one classroom with 20 students, ranging from grades 1st – 6th. Justa, the teacher, has to sleep in a small house near the school Monday – Friday because it is too expensive to travel back to town where she lives. Justa doesn’t have the same living conditions here as she has in town (electricity, running water, etc), but she doesn’t mind. She truly cares for the students. I really like her a lot. With the help of Shirlene and the kids, I taught a hygiene class one day and Justa was really excited and said she would keep reinforcing the hygiene practices with the kids. She has already been explaining worms and parasites to them and encouraging hand washing and now she has some material to help her lessons. I am so happy to be working with her 🙂

Justa, the school teacher at the new Ngobe school
Justa, the school teacher at the new Ngobe school 

Praises: After a long drought, we got some rain last night. Water tanks and creeks were drying up and the only good source of water came from the wells we drilled. Happy that the wells were producing consistent water, however, we needed the rain! 

Prayers: That my health improves and that no one else gets sick. Also, we could still use more rain – a lot more rain!

2 thoughts on “Poco a Poco (little by little)

  1. Cait, praying for strength to return a little quicker than poco a poco, but as God would have it, in His time. And about that native remedy: I’m glad it’s helping and it’s fitting that it tastes like medicine. I don’t think fever reducers tend to taste like anything at Tokyo Mandarin.

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